Loftin Family Vacation 2013 (Day 6)

On Day 6 (Thursday, September 12, 2013), we got up at 6:45 AM. We decided to visit the Tanger Outlets on Hwy 501. We arrived at 9:00 AM only to find out that the shops didn’t open until 10:00 AM. So, we all took a nap until around 9:40 AM. After some time shopping, we left and returned to the condo around 12:45 PM. We ate lunch and spent some time in the condo due to the heat. We went to TGI Friday’s for dinner and spent the evening outside and took some more pictures before turning in for the night.
IMG_00016501 IMG_00016502 IMG_00016508 IMG_00016513 IMG_00016514 IMG_00016516 IMG_00016520 IMG_00016525 IMG_00016527 IMG_00016529 IMG_00016530 IMG_00016536 IMG_00016539 IMG_00016540 IMG_00016544 IMG_00016545

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