Beach Vacation 2014

On Saturday, September 6, 2014, we left home forĀ our favorite beach trip (to the Xanadu II condo) in Cherry Grove Beach. We were there through September 13. Mike and Myra joined us for half the week.

IMG_00018923 IMG_00018933 IMG_00018646 IMG_00018647 IMG_00018648 IMG_00018649 IMG_00018650 IMG_00018652 IMG_00018654 IMG_00018655 IMG_00018656 IMG_00018658 IMG_00018660 IMG_00018661 IMG_00018664 IMG_00018665 IMG_00018666 IMG_00018669 IMG_00018671 IMG_00018672 IMG_00018673 IMG_00018675 IMG_00018676 IMG_00018679 IMG_00018681 IMG_00018683 IMG_00018684 IMG_00018685 IMG_00018686 IMG_00018687 IMG_00018689 IMG_00018691 IMG_00018692 IMG_00018693 IMG_00018694 IMG_00018695 IMG_00018696 IMG_00018697 IMG_00018698 IMG_00018699 IMG_00018700 IMG_00018701 IMG_00018702 IMG_00018703 IMG_00018704 IMG_00018705 IMG_00018706 IMG_00018710 IMG_00018711 IMG_00018712 IMG_00018714 IMG_00018715 IMG_00018716 IMG_00018717 IMG_00018718 IMG_00018719 IMG_00018720 IMG_00018721 IMG_00018722 IMG_00018723 IMG_00018725 IMG_00018729 IMG_00018734 IMG_00018936 IMG_00018939 IMG_00018940 IMG_00018941 IMG_00018943 IMG_00018943-Edit IMG_00018949 IMG_00018951 IMG_00019006 IMG_00019012 IMG_00019033 IMG_00019035 IMG_00019042 IMG_00019044 IMG_00019046 IMG_00019049 IMG_00019052 IMG_00019056 IMG_00019058 IMG_00019061 IMG_00019065 IMG_00019067 IMG_00019069 IMG_00019070 IMG_00019071 IMG_00019073 IMG_00019077 IMG_00019082 IMG_00019083 IMG_00019086 IMG_00019087 IMG_00019088 IMG_00019091 IMG_00019093 IMG_00019095

Kayli was kind enough to apply ‘sandscreen’ to Mommy’s and Daddy’s legs.

“We don’t want Daddy to burn!”

IMG_00019097 IMG_00019106 IMG_00019108 IMG_00019109 IMG_00019111 IMG_00019112 IMG_00019113 IMG_00019116 IMG_00019118 IMG_00019119 IMG_00019120 IMG_00019123 IMG_00019126 IMG_00019128 IMG_00019131 IMG_00019134 IMG_00019139 IMG_00019146 IMG_00019147 IMG_00019149 IMG_00019150 IMG_00019154

After a long week of playing, Kayli finally gave it up.


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