Christmas at Poppi’s & Nonni’s house

The family enjoyed time at Poppi’s & Nonni’s house on Christmas day.

Kayli opens some presents.

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Savanna and Alexandria participated in Nonni’s ‘Amazing Race’-based scavenger hunt. They had to hunt for various dollar bills hidden in and around the house. Once found, there were sometimes certain activities that needed to be performed.

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Such as breaking a frozen dollar bill out of a block of ice and then drying it with a hair dryer.

IMG_00017448 IMG_00017449

And using a GPS device to locate the next dollar via GPS coordinates.

IMG_00017452 IMG_00017455 IMG_00017457

Alexandria had to lead a blind-folded Savanna around the house to locate the next bill.

IMG_00017458 IMG_00017460 IMG_00017463

They had to sing ‘Jingle Bells’ on the front porch as loud as they could.


And the final act was to locate 142 ‘windows’ in the kitchen where a little chipmunk was peeking at the family for years. The girls targeted counting the rungs in the closet door and miraculously came up with the correct number – even though the number was originally designed to be obtained from the tiny holes under the shelves and cabinets. ¬†They just happened to end up with the same number!


For all of their efforts, they won a puzzle lock box that required getting the ball to the proper location in the box to release the door – and ultimately the final prize – MONEY!



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