Christmas at Mike’s & Myra’s house

Kayli and Nathan spend some time (and energy) running around at Grandmama’s and Granddaddy’s house.

Philip, Leslie & Kayli Loftin, Jimmie & Christy Buff, Jason, Jennifer & Nathan Robinson, Mike & Myra Robinson, and Melvin Robinson and Margaret enjoy a nice evening at Mike’s and Myra’s house on Christmas Eve, 2013.

IMG_00017313 IMG_00017314 IMG_00017315 IMG_00017318 IMG_00017319 IMG_00017323 IMG_00017327 IMG_00017332 IMG_00017333 IMG_00017335 IMG_00017337 IMG_00017341 IMG_00017345 IMG_00017346 IMG_00017348 IMG_00017349 IMG_00017350 IMG_00017352 IMG_00017353 IMG_00017357 IMG_00017358 IMG_00017359 IMG_00017360

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