Loftin Family Vacation 2013 (Day 3)

On Day 3 (Monday, September 9, 2013), we got up at 7:30 AM. We went to the beach at 9:00 AM.

IMG_00016295 IMG_00016298 IMG_00016300 IMG_00016303 IMG_00016403 IMG_00016404 IMG_00016405 IMG_00016406 IMG_00016407 IMG_00016408 IMG_00016409 IMG_00016410 IMG_00016411

At 10:30 AM, Kayli was very sleepy, so we went back to the condo to allow her to sleep.  But once we got there, she was very resistant to sleeping and it was 11:30 AM before she went to sleep. Mommy and Daddy ate lunch while Kayli slept.  Afterwards, Mommy was going to go back to the beach while Kayli continued to sleep. But after she got her bathing suit on, Kayli woke up. We fed Kayli lunch, and then Daddy watched Kayli while Mommy went to the beach for about an hour, until 1:30 PM.  Mommy then came back to the condo with Daddy and Kayli. Kayli took another nap, and Mommy went back down to the ocean around 3:45 PM and stayed out until Kayli woke up around 4:30 PM. We then went to the beach to take some pictures, visited the pool for a few minutes and returned to the condo around 5:30 PM.

IMG_00016315 IMG_00016318 IMG_00016320 IMG_00016322 IMG_00016323 IMG_00016324 IMG_00016325 IMG_00016326 IMG_00016327 IMG_00016329 IMG_00016334 IMG_00016337 IMG_00016340 IMG_00016349 IMG_00016352 IMG_00016353 IMG_00016356 IMG_00016357 IMG_00016359 IMG_00016360 IMG_00016362 IMG_00016365 IMG_00016368 IMG_00016369 IMG_00016371 IMG_00016372

We went out to pick up dinner.  After eating a quick dinner, we went back outside around 7:00 PM for some more pictures. We came in around 7:30 PM and everyone got cleaned up before bed time.

IMG_00016373 IMG_00016377 IMG_00016378 IMG_00016380 IMG_00016382 IMG_00016384 IMG_00016385 IMG_00016390 IMG_00016391 IMG_00016393 IMG_00016394 IMG_00016398 IMG_00016399 IMG_00016400

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