Loftin Family Vacation 2013 (Day 1)

We left home on Day 1 (Saturday, September 7, 2013) at 10:30 AM and arrived to Xanadu II at 3:45 PM, but the condo was not ready until 4:45 PM.  So we went to Wal-Mart to do our grocery shopping to use up the time.

After we got checked in and unpacked at the condo, Kayli enjoys her first visit to the ocean – at Cherry Grove Beach.
IMG_00016217 IMG_00016218 IMG_00016219 IMG_00016220 IMG_00016221 IMG_00016222 IMG_00016223 IMG_00016224 IMG_00016226 IMG_00016227 IMG_00016228 IMG_00016230 IMG_00016234 IMG_00016236 IMG_00016237 IMG_00016238 IMG_00016239 IMG_00016240 IMG_00016242 IMG_00016244 IMG_00016245 IMG_00016248 IMG_00016251 IMG_00016252 IMG_00016254 IMG_00016255 IMG_00016256

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