Sugarplum visits Kayli – Nov-Dec 2016

On the morning of November 25, 2016, the Loftins once again awoke to find a visitor in our home. Sugarplum, our little elf from the North Pole, was back to visit us! Kayli really enjoys looking for Sugarplum. It’s the first thing she thinks of when she wakes up each morning. See below for the different ways she appeared between November and December 2016.

November 25, 2016

When Sugarplum arrived, she was riding in Kristoff’s sled!20161125-img_870720161125-img_255220161125-img_2556

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Beach Vacation 2016

The extended Loftin family (Philip, Leslie, Kayli, Curtis, Carolyn, Brad, Beth, Savanna and  Alexandria) enjoyed a nice trip to the beach from June 18, 2016 – June 25, 2016.

Day 1: The morning of June 18, Kayli was all set to go!

IMG_6628 IMG_6656

After the 4 hour drive, we arrived, and Kayli could not wait to get to the beach!

IMG_6666 IMG_6672 IMG_6662 DSCN6413 DSCN6425

Day 2: We had a nice balcony-breakfast, prior to the beach fun.


Time to start the sandy day.

DSCN6463 DSCN6479 DSCN6470

20160619_152445 20160619_152509

IMG_2690 IMG_2692 IMG_6674 IMG_6675 IMG_6678 IMG_6680 IMG_6685 IMG_6687 IMG_6688 IMG_6691 IMG_6692 IMG_6694 IMG_6696 IMG_6702 IMG_6704 IMG_6706 IMG_6709 IMG_6715IMG_6720IMG_6725IMG_6726

We built a sand castle.

IMG_6716 IMG_6730

Later that night, the ladies had a ‘Jamberry party’.


Day 3:

That evening, we went to play mini golf.

Day 4: The fun continues.

Kayli goes fishing.

We finished the day at Kayli’s favorite place – Sweet Frog.

Day 5:

Kayli loves to dance!

Later that evening, we went to get ice cream.

Day 6:

Time to chill at the pool!

Day 7: The final day at the beach begins.

Good bye, Cherry Grove Beach. See you next year!

Sugarplum visits Kayli – Nov-Dec 2015

On Nov 27, 2015, the day after Thanksgiving, Sugarplum came back to visit us.  You may remember that she visited us each day from Thanksgiving to Christmas in 2014, and once again, she brightened our mornings from Thanksgiving to Christmas with her mischievous antics — she is always getting into things.  See below for all of the crazy things she did and places she hid.

On Nov 27, someone rang our doorbell.  On the front porch we found a box that was addressed to Kayli.  Kayli immediately tore into the box and revealed…SUGARPLUM!!!

On Nov 28, we awoke and Kayli made her way through the house in search of Sugarplum.  Kayli finally found her on the kitchen counter, where she had pulled out a bunch of cooking supplies and left a sign that said “Let’s make breakfast!”


On Nov 29, Kayli woke up and began her search for Sugarplum. She found her in front of the Christmas tree where she was taking pictures of Kayli’s stuffed animals!


On Nov 30, Kayli found Sugarplum in front of the Christmas tree once again where she had lined up some of Kayli’s stuffed animals to make a train ride.


On Dec 1, Kayli did her normal routine of searching for Sugarplum.  This morning, Sugarplum had left Kayli a message by some blocks Kayli had put together. Then she decorated our pantry door with a snowman.


On Dec 2, Kayli found Sugarplum in our living room. She had squeezed herself into a candle holder. It’s amazing the tiny placed she can get into!


On Dec 3, Sugarplum accidentally got herself all tied up — with toilet paper! Not sure why she had it rolled throughout the house though…


On Dec 4, Sugarplum decided to hide in Kayli’s Barbie doll house. She looks very cozy!


On Dec 5, Sugarplum came back to Kayli’s Barbie doll house and decorated it for Christmas. She invite lots of Kayli’s toys to the party as well!


On Dec 6, Sugarplum hid on top of Mommy’s snowman.


On Dec 7, Sugarplum sat on the kitchen counter, and left a note for Kayli. The note read:

“Dear Kayli, These are magic seeds. Plant them and they will grow into something special. Don’t forget to sprinkle them with magic dust to help them grow. Love, Sugarplum.”

Kayli was quick to plant the ‘magic seeds!’


On Dec 8, Kayli got up and checked on the crop she planted the day before. The magic seeds grew into — CANDY CANES! Sugarplum hang on the cabinet above the newly grown candy canes.

20151208-IMG_5361 20151208-IMG_222020151208-IMG_2217

On Dec 9, Sugarplum hid herself in Kayli’s pet bird’s cage. But she kept the pet bird nearby for company.


On Dec 10, Sugarplum was having a snowball fight with one of Kayli’s stuffed animals.


On Dec 11, Sugarplum setup a snowman made of toilet paper. She conveniently had a seat on the snowman’s head.


On Dec 12, Sugarplum was taking a bath in Kayli’s Barbie doll house.


On Dec 13, Sugarplum was relaxing beside our Christmas tree. She was holding a sign that read: “I put a new ornament on your tree. Hint: it looks like me!” After a (very) quick search, Kayli found the ornament, and it looked just like Sugarplum!

20151213-IMG_5371 20151213-IMG_5372

On Dec 14, Sugarplum left Kayli a Christmas countdown.


On Dec 15, Sugarplum was playing doctor with some of Kayli’s stuffed animals.


On Dec 16, Kayli found Sugarplum on our kitchen counter where she was — riding our fruit!

20151215-IMG_2263 20151216-IMG_2279

On Dec 17, Kayli found Sugarplum hiding on our Christmas tree!

20151217-IMG_2284 20151217-IMG_2285

On Dec 18, Sugarplum was all wrapped up! Apparently, she was playing with the wrapping paper and had a little mishap.


On Dec 19, Sugarplum was hiding on our stove.


On Dec 20, we woke up to find that Sugarplum had hung streamers across our door. We were completely locked in our bedroom!

20151219-IMG_2289 20151220-IMG_2291 20151220-IMG_2292

On Dec 21, Kayli found Sugarplum hanging on our ceiling fan!


On Dec 22, Sugarplum left a note that read: “I’ve hidden 6 candy canes. Can you find them?”


On Dec 23, Kayli found Sugarplum playing in her club house box.


On Dec 24, Sugarplum left a note on Kayli’s bicycle. At the end of the note, Sugarplum said the magic had been lifted so it was OK for Kayli to hold her!

20151224-IMG_2300 20151224-IMG_2301

On Dec 25, Sugarplum left cupcakes and party hats for us to have a birthday party for Jesus! And she left our house to go back to the North Pole.