Sugarplum visits Kayli – Nov-Dec 2016

On the morning of November 25, 2016, the Loftins once again awoke to find a visitor in our home. Sugarplum, our little elf from the North Pole, was back to visit us! Kayli really enjoys looking for Sugarplum. It’s the first thing she thinks of when she wakes up each morning. See below for the different ways she appeared between November and December 2016.

November 25, 2016

When Sugarplum arrived, she was riding in Kristoff’s sled!20161125-img_870720161125-img_255220161125-img_2556

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Beach Vacation 2016

The extended Loftin family (Philip, Leslie, Kayli, Curtis, Carolyn, Brad, Beth, Savanna and  Alexandria) enjoyed a nice trip to the beach from June 18, 2016 – June 25, 2016.

Day 1: The morning of June 18, Kayli was all set to go!

IMG_6628 IMG_6656

After the 4 hour drive, we arrived, and Kayli could not wait to get to the beach!

IMG_6666 IMG_6672 IMG_6662 DSCN6413 DSCN6425

Day 2: We had a nice balcony-breakfast, prior to the beach fun.


Time to start the sandy day.

DSCN6463 DSCN6479 DSCN6470

20160619_152445 20160619_152509

IMG_2690 IMG_2692 IMG_6674 IMG_6675 IMG_6678 IMG_6680 IMG_6685 IMG_6687 IMG_6688 IMG_6691 IMG_6692 IMG_6694 IMG_6696 IMG_6702 IMG_6704 IMG_6706 IMG_6709 IMG_6715IMG_6720IMG_6725IMG_6726

We built a sand castle.

IMG_6716 IMG_6730

Later that night, the ladies had a ‘Jamberry party’.


Day 3:

That evening, we went to play mini golf.

Day 4: The fun continues.

Kayli goes fishing.

We finished the day at Kayli’s favorite place – Sweet Frog.

Day 5:

Kayli loves to dance!

Later that evening, we went to get ice cream.

Day 6:

Time to chill at the pool!

Day 7: The final day at the beach begins.

Good bye, Cherry Grove Beach. See you next year!