Kayli is here!

Due to Leslie’s rising blood pressure at 38 weeks, the doctor planned to induce labor on Aug 31, 2012. We woke up at 4:45 AM, arrived at Catawba Valley Medical Center at 6:40 AM and were checked into room 222 by 6:45 AM.  The doctor on duty was Dr. Highland.  He induced labor at 8:25 AM.  After just a few “short” hours, Kayli was born at 3:29 PM.

Nurse Julie, Dr Highland, Nurse Amy

First visitors with Kayli.

Granddaddy & Grandmama

First family photo

Nonni, Poppi, Daddy & Mommy

Beth, Alexandria, Savanna & Kayli

Leaving CVMC

Kayli’s “going home” outfit

It’s a girl!

When it came to delivering the news as to the gender of our little baby, we planned a special dinner with each of our families. Of course, we couldn’t just come out and say it. We planned to reveal the news after dinner during desert. Leslie baked cupcakes and iced half of them in blue and half in pink. The insides of all of the cupcakes were all the same color (either pink or blue – to be revealed later!).

Cupcakes from our “Baby gender reveal” dinner

She also created some cutouts in the shape of baby carriages with a pull-out baby. These were available to those that didn’t want a cupcake to eat.

Baby carriage from our “Baby gender reveal” dinner

All at once, we had everyone bite into their cupcake and pull out the baby from the carriage for the big reveal.  It’s a girl!

It’s a girl!

After the gender reveal, we gave everyone a set of letters cut out of paper. The letters were  scrambled up in no particular order.

Can you guess the name of our little baby?

Could this be it?

Something’s not quite right here…

It didn’t take long for everyone to discover her name.

Kayli Elise (Loftin)

It was a wonderful time with the most special people in our lives.



Welcome to our website! We use this website to record things such as family events, and to track the growth of our little girl Kayli.  Here you’ll find family pictures and details of the fun little things going on in our lives. We hope you enjoy reading about our journey.