Loftin, Seese Family Pictures – Thanksgiving 2015

The Loftin’s and Seese’s got together at Poppi and Nonni’s house on 11/26/2015. We had an good time with family and a good lunch meal! Then we all came back to our house for pictures.

20151126-IMG_1171-Edit 20151126-IMG_1180-Edit 20151126-IMG_1183-Edit 20151126-IMG_1188-Edit 20151126-IMG_1192-Edit 20151126-IMG_1193-Edit 20151126-IMG_1195-Edit 20151126-IMG_1196-Edit 20151126-IMG_1199-Edit 20151126-IMG_1203-Edit 20151126-IMG_1204 20151126-IMG_1205 20151126-IMG_1208 20151126-IMG_1210 20151126-IMG_1211 20151126-IMG_1212-Edit 20151126-IMG_1213

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