Loftin Family Vacation 2013 (Day 7)

On Day 7 (Friday, September 13, 2013), we got up at 8:30 AM, after an early morning play party with Kayli from 4:30 – 6:30 AM. We spent the first couple hours on the beach. Kayli enjoyed climbing in and out of the holes we dug and picking up seashells. We went in around 12:30 PM for lunch and an afternoon nap for Kayli (she was very tired during lunch).

Mom and Dad spent the time cleaning the condo and began getting things ready to go home. After Kayli woke up around 3:00 PM, we spent a little time in the condo and then went back to Broadway at the Beach to enjoy a dinner at Yomato Japanese Restaurant and also to purchase a bag for Kayli from Embroidery Paradise.

IMG_00016548 IMG_00016550

We went back to the condo for about an hour prior to heading out for a quick ice cream run. Kayli enjoyed tasting Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream (cake batter ice cream with pieces of colored sugar cookie dough). We went back to the condo and completed some additional packing prior to relaxing for a bit and heading to bed around 10:15 PM.

IMG_00016562 IMG_00016564 IMG_00016565

Loftin Family Vacation 2013 (Day 6)

On Day 6 (Thursday, September 12, 2013), we got up at 6:45 AM. We decided to visit the Tanger Outlets on Hwy 501. We arrived at 9:00 AM only to find out that the shops didn’t open until 10:00 AM. So, we all took a nap until around 9:40 AM. After some time shopping, we left and returned to the condo around 12:45 PM. We ate lunch and spent some time in the condo due to the heat. We went to TGI Friday’s for dinner and spent the evening outside and took some more pictures before turning in for the night.
IMG_00016501 IMG_00016502 IMG_00016508 IMG_00016513 IMG_00016514 IMG_00016516 IMG_00016520 IMG_00016525 IMG_00016527 IMG_00016529 IMG_00016530 IMG_00016536 IMG_00016539 IMG_00016540 IMG_00016544 IMG_00016545

Loftin Family Vacation 2013 (Day 5)

On Day 5 (Wednesday, September 11, 2013), we got up at 6:45 AM.


We decided to take Kayli to Ripley’s Aquarium. We then took her to Build-a-Bear Workshop to get her a stuffed ‘animal’. We settled on a stuffed bunny that we named ‘Cuddles’.

IMG_00016431 IMG_00016432 IMG_00016435 IMG_00016436 IMG_00016437 IMG_00016439 IMG_00016440 IMG_00016442 IMG_00016443 IMG_00016446 IMG_00016447 IMG_00016448 IMG_00016449 IMG_00016452 IMG_00016456 IMG_00016458 IMG_00016461 IMG_00016463

After an enjoyable morning of walking around the Aquarium and Broadway at the Beach, we headed back toward the condo. We were looking for a place to get some lunch on the way back and decided on Damon’s Grill. After being seated for lunch, we placed our order. After just a few minutes, Kayli began getting grumpy (I.e. sleepy). Daddy walked her outside for a few minutes to try to calm her down. Once the food was delivered to our table, it was obvious Kayli was not going to calm down, so we converted our meal to-go. We ate our lunch back at the condo after putting Kayli down to sleep – a 3 hour nap. After she woke back up, we went to the beach for 1.5 hours and took some pictures.

IMG_00016468 IMG_00016469 IMG_00016472 IMG_00016473 IMG_00016474 IMG_00016475 IMG_00016477 IMG_00016485 IMG_00016486 IMG_00016487 IMG_00016493 IMG_00016497

On this trip, we determined that Kayli really enjoys chasing small animals such as birds or dogs. She chased birds up and down the beach.


We came in around 6:30 PM, ate a quick dinner and then went out for ice cream. That completed our day.

Loftin Family Vacation 2013 (Day 4)

On Day 4 (Tuesday, September 10, 2013), we got up at 7:30 AM. While preparing for breakfast, we noticed tiny little fins popping up, way out in the ocean (several schools of dolphins).

IMG_00016464 IMG_00016465 IMG_00016466

We went to the beach at 9:15 AM, even though Kayli was already beginning to get sleepy again. After an hour on the beach, we came in around 10:15 AM as Kayli began getting clumsy – a tale sign of her getting sleepy. We rested for a bit and went to K&W Cafeteria for lunch. After a relaxing afternoon, we went back outside around 5:15 PM. During this outing, Kayli covered a lot of ground chasing birds up and down the beach. We returned to the condo around 7:30 PM.

IMG_00016412 IMG_00016414 IMG_00016417 IMG_00016418IMG_00016419 IMG_00016428

Loftin Family Vacation 2013 (Day 3)

On Day 3 (Monday, September 9, 2013), we got up at 7:30 AM. We went to the beach at 9:00 AM.

IMG_00016295 IMG_00016298 IMG_00016300 IMG_00016303 IMG_00016403 IMG_00016404 IMG_00016405 IMG_00016406 IMG_00016407 IMG_00016408 IMG_00016409 IMG_00016410 IMG_00016411

At 10:30 AM, Kayli was very sleepy, so we went back to the condo to allow her to sleep.  But once we got there, she was very resistant to sleeping and it was 11:30 AM before she went to sleep. Mommy and Daddy ate lunch while Kayli slept.  Afterwards, Mommy was going to go back to the beach while Kayli continued to sleep. But after she got her bathing suit on, Kayli woke up. We fed Kayli lunch, and then Daddy watched Kayli while Mommy went to the beach for about an hour, until 1:30 PM.  Mommy then came back to the condo with Daddy and Kayli. Kayli took another nap, and Mommy went back down to the ocean around 3:45 PM and stayed out until Kayli woke up around 4:30 PM. We then went to the beach to take some pictures, visited the pool for a few minutes and returned to the condo around 5:30 PM.

IMG_00016315 IMG_00016318 IMG_00016320 IMG_00016322 IMG_00016323 IMG_00016324 IMG_00016325 IMG_00016326 IMG_00016327 IMG_00016329 IMG_00016334 IMG_00016337 IMG_00016340 IMG_00016349 IMG_00016352 IMG_00016353 IMG_00016356 IMG_00016357 IMG_00016359 IMG_00016360 IMG_00016362 IMG_00016365 IMG_00016368 IMG_00016369 IMG_00016371 IMG_00016372

We went out to pick up dinner.  After eating a quick dinner, we went back outside around 7:00 PM for some more pictures. We came in around 7:30 PM and everyone got cleaned up before bed time.

IMG_00016373 IMG_00016377 IMG_00016378 IMG_00016380 IMG_00016382 IMG_00016384 IMG_00016385 IMG_00016390 IMG_00016391 IMG_00016393 IMG_00016394 IMG_00016398 IMG_00016399 IMG_00016400

Loftin Family Vacation 2013 (Day 2)

On Day 2 (Sunday, September 8, 2013), we got up at 9:30 AM (due to a baby who wanted to play during the night). We went out to the beach around 10:30 AM after an hour of getting ready. We stayed on the beach for about 2 hours before coming inside at 12:30 PM.

IMG_00016284 IMG_00016283 IMG_00016281 IMG_00016278 IMG_00016277 IMG_00016276

We all got baths, had lunch and a nice nap. Around 4:30 PM, we went out to the Tanger Outlets on Kings Highway. After an hour or so shopping, we left and went to TGI Friday’s for supper. We stopped at Eagles on the way back to get a small bucket for Kayli and a wicker mat to sit on while on the beach. We arrived back at the condo around 8:00 PM, where we enjoyed a few games and some TV prior to going to bed.